Friday, November 24

Costa del Sol - Malaga - Blogpost 3

 Plaza Merced is one of our often visited squares in Malaga City. Not because of the restaurants og the column, but because Pablo Picasso´s birthplace (at home?) is located at the plaza.
 Tullen and Pablo are friends. I did not know that before I discovered Pablos image of her face.

Close to Plaza Merced you can find one of the most popular Tapas bars i Malaga. Meson Cortijo de PePe is highly recommended and we are at the tapas bar almost at every visit to the city.
This blogpost ends with an image of the main shopping street; Calle Marques de Llarios.
At the posting of this blogpost this street is covered with great christmas decorations. The restaurant at the right LePanto is usually our last pitstop before going to the train back to Fuengirola

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