Friday, December 29

Landscapes in Norway by some friend

Some of my blogfriends have asked me why I do not publish as many blogposts as before. The answer is clear: FaceBook.
This media has taken over much of my presentations and contact with the cyber world. In addition  more friends are on this platform instead of the old Blogger. I published my first blogpost in March 2005 (in Norwegian) and have now over 10 years given you over 2000 blogposts. Proud.

In this last blogpost of 2007 (number 33) I hace chosen Norwegian landscapes as topic. I have "copied" (or stolen) phothos from some of my FaceBook friends and hope they can forgive me using their beautiful images.
The first two image is taken by my wife. The above shows the sun in a foggy Oslofjord early December 2017
The second photo is of one of Norway´s most famous mountains: Hallingskarvet (Peak 1933 alt) taken from Vestlia Geilo December 2017
This image is taken by Astrid from her neighbourhood in Ålesund against the fantastic Sunnmørsalps dyring her morning walk a day the snow has fallen.
Towards the same mountains with Borgundfjorden below the city mountain Aksla my sister Brit has catched the low sun, the beaytiful sky and the snow painting a living Christmas  three.

With these images from Norwegian landscapes I send all my greetings to friends all over the world and wish you all
Happy New Year

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