Tuesday, March 13

Food Blogpost, Winter dinners in Norway

During our stay in Norway (some weeks between our stays in Spain) we are eating traditional Norwegian dinner dishes.  Here I will present some of them.

 At Christmas and around New Year we have Rosted Pork Ribs (upper photo) and Lutefisk.
The Rosted Pork Rib is normally served as Christmas Eve dinner in many Norwegian homes, but we are having Lamb on that date, so the pork rib are more a winter dinner, served with sausages, potatoes and sauercraut.
The Lutefisk is served with pea stew, potatoes and bacon.
In addition do not forget the Norwegian beer and Aquavite

A real follow-up dish from Christmas, and perhaps leftovers from Christmas, we eat: Rakørret from Valdres".
A Norwegian fish dish made from trout, salted and fermented for several months, served on lefse together with leek/raw onion, beetroot and sour cream, followed by Beer and Aquavit.

On Thursdays Western borned Norwegian have  Potetball or Kompe.
It is a potato dumpling made of barley flour and potatoes. Served with Rutabaga / Sweeds, salted lamb, grove sausages and bacon butter. As usual beer and aquavite although some drink kephir on Thursdays.

Fårikål is also an autumn / winter dish. For us it is a weekend dish because it is made to last for many days. Better and better as time goes by.
It is cabbage and lamb served with whole peppercorn and potatoes

Baccalao is also a great dish. Not only during wintertime and for many a party dinner.
Made of Klippfisk potato, onion, pepper and tomatoes. The dry and salted cod must be deluted for 2 days before put into the pot.

At last in this "Food blog" Skrei or North-atlantic Cod served as Mølje. Softly cooked in salted water and served with potato and carrot.
To this dich most Norwegians drink red Italian wines.

Please enjoy.

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