Sunday, January 13

Lights of Oslo

The light of Oslo in the beginning of 2019 tells a lot about where on earth we are located.

The dark evenings and nights, the low sun and the cold winters are part of what we call the Northern Lights

So it is in Oslo as well.

Lamps and candle lights are used indoors as decoration but also as enlightning the dark corners of our rooms.

A walk along the harbor promenade early in the morning can document the rising sun behind the eastern part of the city. (Photo stolen from my wife)

In the midle of the day the sun gives a beautiful light of our old castle; Akershus Fortres

In the center of the city, along the main street Karl Johan, the trees glitter and the shopping facades are full of lights although it is only afternoon and the city is full of freezing people and skating children

When the night is approaching and the city is covered in black,  the Operahouse is a contrast to the dark sky, and we are once again waiting for the morning to come

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