Monday, August 22

Electronic dreams

Electronic dreams
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Akryll på lerret er ett nytt stadium i min maleriske verden. Et annet er frigjøring av figur og form i bildene.
Min svigersønn David har reist spørsmål om begge disse sakene i de årene vi har kjent hverandre. Til ære for han er derfor dette abstrakte bildet utviklet, og jeg liker det.
Håper de gjør det sammme i Brighton.


David BB said...

This is very interesting and timely as yesterday we had book club and discussed Günter Grass' 'The Tin Drum' which is equally about the so-called postmodern condition. In other words, the breakdown of representational models of the word - in the book the world of chaos and contingency is represented by presenting the narrative of the collapse of Nazi Germany through the eyes and ears of a (presumably) schizophrenic dwarf. This then questions our assumptions about the world being as it seems to be presented to our senses.

So your painting, which is equally fragmented and disjointed ('the time is out of joint') also is interesting in questioning the representation form as a subject of painting.

The style reminded me a bit of Jasper Johns, perhaps '0 through 9'...

Rogério Santos said...

I've found your blog just today. It's a nice site. I've a blog also, (Lisbon, Portugal), where I write about cinema, books, newspapers and whatever into the domains of cultural industries. I teach communication and journalism at Portuguese Catholic University, here in Lisbon. So, do you give me permission to reproduce in my blog your paintings Golden Jacket, Tullarbo and Blue Lady? Thank you.