Saturday, February 26

Donde estan los Noruegos

The pool area at the apartment hotel this morning.
None Norwegians except Tullen are heading towards the sun-beds this morning. Some Norwegian students are staying here during their studies at Atlantis Medical College, but they are normally arriving the pool after noon. What their tasks / duties are in the nights and early mornings ???? My lips are closed.

But where are the Norwegians. Home? queuing up at the subway for hours trying to reach the start of the skiing events at Holmenkollen?
Why have not Norwegians discovered this nice hotel during their winter holidays.
Perhaps the marketing has not been satisfactory, or is it only a hidden diamond for us selective. Perhaps it is best to keep it so.

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Anne said...

Det er jo plass til meg der jooooo...., nyt klarværet du, fra Holmenkollen ser vi fint lite annet enn tåke!!

Anneklem til dere begge.