Saturday, February 5

Frozen fjord - Piperviken

The Bay of Piperviken is frozen. I do not know the thickness of the ice, but bottles of beer could be seen on the surface, so the pressure from some centimeters must be exerting against the ship sides.
The Bay of Piperviken is the area of the Oslofjord between Akershus Castle and Aker Brygge. The name of the area in the medieval was Gyljandi, derived from the verb gylja'howl, huut' (probably referring to the windy conditions in the bay).  Piperviken (or Vika) was the name of the previously Red Light district with Klingenberg and Tivoli in Oslo where we today will find the City Hall.

When we yesterday strolled the city and the quays, the sun was shining, but a chilly south-eastern wind made it uncomfortable to sit outdoors at Hannibals Hybel. We therefor continued to "fru Burums" for an afternoon drink.

Have a nice weekend.


RuneE said...

I look forward to a photo of you skating here :-)

GAWO said...

Forstår godt at du er i ferd med å pakke kofferten :-)
Det kommer til å bli fint med sol og varme. Og når du er tilbake er kanskje isen hjemme borte....
God helg :-)

GundaM said...

Håper du har ei fin helg Arne!!