Wednesday, June 6

Tullarbo, summer 2012

After presentations of our new patio in the last posts, the time for an indoor presentation of our 22 sq.m cottage seems obvious.
Our living "room" and the reading corner is our most visited part when the chilly nights force us indoor.
Passing the bedroom door we find the dining "room" under the loft where guests may take a sleepover but usually it is a place for grandchildren to play when the weather is not on our side for outdoor activities.
I have covered the kitchen (renovated this year) in another post, but for this 360 panorama view it has its place when continue turning to the right.
Ending up at the entrance door (from the partly closed balcony) and the TV corner, you have got an overview of our 22 sq m cottage with some of my paintings on the walls.


Anne said...

En kan forstå dere koser dere stort der ja, sommer utenfor bvinduene også jo :-) nesten mer enn hva vi har hatt til nå.

Synes p huske det var mer fargerikt sist jeg så bilder derfra, mye mer lyst nå, fint!!

9na said...