Wednesday, June 27

Preparing for some days at the ocean coast

 After two full working days with grandchildren we now are packing and ready for a friendly workshop at Skuleøya (Flemsøya) located at the north western part of Norway. AnneKatharina´s place close to the North Sea will be visited for old friends ready for the support of any maintenance activity.
 Hopefully the weather will be as nice as last time, giving us the possibility to watch the sun setting in the horizon. The weather forecast is not too good, but with god food and great wines we fear nothing.
Report from the weekend highlights will come as soon as internet connection has been achieved, either at "Eidet" (Øya) or after returning to Oslo later this week. A beautiful place and a peaceful place for us all. Will miss Asbjørn, but life must and will go on.

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