Saturday, August 4

A summerday at last

I think we can count on one hand the numbers of really beautiful summer days this year. Most of our roses have been taken by the heavy rain, but today I found a possibility to take a photo of some of our pink beauties.
Later this morning we got a visit by Maja together with Mari and Rikke. Tor-Marius came for dinner, but that is another story.
After lunch Maja and granddad joined efforts to make Waffles. She participated in the total process and was very clever handling the batter on the hot waffle iron .
Maja has every month during last year received a math-book (called Goboken 123) and we use every opportunity to count different things or activities. Here we recapitulated the process of adding water, butter and flour- mix before the cooking could start.
Today Maja got her 13th math book (2 to go) and then we will start with My first ABC

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