Tuesday, August 21

Saturday Car Show at Bryggetorvet

One of our favorite lunch venues is Cafe Sorgenfri at Aker Brygge, Oslo.
Cafe Sorgenfri opened its doors 8th November 2003, to a restaurant where one can remember 'the good-old-days' , whilst enjoying the present! Here you can loosen your tie, and the piano is there for everyone to play. But be aware that you will never se a paid performer by this instrument.

Good old days were also present outside the restaurant on Saturday as seen on the photo above. The "old" Rolls Royce Silver Goast from 1920 and all the other beauties were there to be seen. This blogpost is published too late for you to see the cars, but the restaurant is still ready to welcome you. We had Chicken Salad and Moules Frites and can very well recommend these dishes to you.


Flogistix said...

I love the cars. thanks for showing it to me..
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Used Car Specialists said...

Cool vintage cars that are surely worth the ride. Thanks for sharing your experience.