Monday, January 28

Winter in Oslo

 A typical winter image from Norway. The snow and mist at "Skistua" Frognerseteren. Beautiful.
 Almost in serpia the old lady starts for another tour through the nature. The tracks lead to Tryvannstua, Skjennungen, Ullevålseter and Sognsvann. Ca 13 km, and she is happy.
Normally we show the "Fagerbusk" in full blossom covering it´s pink flowers, but today the flowers are replaced with newly fallen snow. Still four months till we migrate to the cottage, but being there in springtime is also lovely. Now it is only cold and deep snow.
However, now we look forward to the long stay period in Spain which starts in two weeks.

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Anne said...

Jammen minstenker jeg a det er dere der nede som har fått det meste av vinter Arne, først i går kom noen cm her hos oss. Men vi har hatt kulden da, brrr

Å fruen, like sprek som alltid :-))