Sunday, January 26

6 months have passed, a terrifying autumn

Half a year or 6 months have gone since the the night my summer world disappeared and I was in coma for the next two weeks undergoing surgeries day after day to fight the horrible bacterial infection Necrotizing Fasciitis.
I have covered my rehabilitation in previous blogposts so no repetition here, but this poster from the FaceBook site I Support Nurses should be rewritten; "Every patient have many nurses that they can thank for being alive". At least I have several nurses that I during my 19 weeks stay in two hospitals will never forget. Thank you all.


RuneE said...

Ingen bakterie og spøke med - glad det gikk så bra som det gjorde!
Støtter din "erklæring"!

Anonymous said...

Du er en tøffing, kjære Arne!