Sunday, January 5

Carine´s Blog

One of the nicest persons I met during my stay at Sunnaas was Carine. Her story can best be told by herself, and her blog PLUTSELIGRULLESTOL can give you an insight to the tremendous change it is for many young people that lives a "normal" life when they wake up in the morning and some hours later have all plans turned upside down. She uses Norwegian text, but I have tried to translate some of her own reflections about 2013 and from the accident on June 2013:
Although I could dance till dawn the night had to end. I was going to meet a student mate the day after to practice oral examination. I was not ready to quit dancing, so I danced down the stairs from the third floor. In bliss and with some vine, it ended terrifying, I stumbled. A small mistake and suddenly life was turned upside down, both figuratively and literally. I tripped over in the staircase and took me to the window on the landing. The window looked closed, but it had just blown again. Thus, the window went up and I plunged into the summer night from 6-7 meter above the ground.
2013 was suddenly not as I had imagined. Admittedly, I completed my education to Master. I did take an oral examination on Sunnaas. I was also married. The wedding was not near what I had planned, but it was an unbelievable nice day and the most important thing is that I got MY man. We did not go to Chicago, but Sunnaas. Today I am not on a beach in Thailand, but with my husband and new apartment Loren. I am rolling instead of walking.
If you want, and I recommend you to do so, go into her blog PLUTSELIGRULLESTOL and participate in her rehabilitation at Sunnaas.


9na said...

Grusomt. Fantastisk skrevet og jeg leser bloggen hennes takket være deg Arne

ArneA said...

Håper du gir andre en mulighet til å oppleve Carines ulykke og vei tilbake, 9na.
Hun skriver om saker, prosesser og tanker som mange vil ha godt av å bli berørt av.