Friday, March 7

Malaga on a birthday

 Yesterday we visited Malaga City. During our stay in Andalucia we normally take the train from Fuengirola to Malaga at least three times, but the city is so lovely that it can be even more visits. The train takes only 45 minutes and leaves every 20  min from the stations.
The weather this thursday was very nice although we are not sure if this measure was correct
 After our ordinary visits to shops, Pepa y Pepe  and El Pimpi for drinks and tapas, we moved up to the Plaza de la Merced and Pablo Picasso´s birthplace. The walking stick is good to have when we was walking almost 10 km over the day.
 The new (for us) cafes and bars along the facade of the building close to Picasso´s birthplace (to the left on the photo) was a very nice experience. A little higher prizes than in the middle of Malaga´s old town, but what can you expect on a place like this facing a burning sum and no clouds.
This blogpost´s last photo and comments are connected to the fact that my wife this thursday celebrated her birthday. Age? Up to the readers to assess but she is still in good shape I mean.
This photo is at the last pit-stop before returning to the train.

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Anne said...

Kos dåkk og nyt på tur!! få fortjener det mer enn dere to nå etter massevis av gjøremål :-)

Anneklem til begge to.