Wednesday, March 12

Walking from Torremolinos, along Carihuela and Benalmadena Beaches to Fuengirola

This morning the weather forecast told us that a trip to Malaga could end in rain.
We therefore decided to make a stroll along some of our favorite beaches instead.
We took the bus from the hotel and continued with the bus to Torremolinos. After climbing the staircases down to the beaches we started out walk going south west, and this photo is from the eastern point of the Carihuela beach.
During our walk I found a hat for 12 Euros ( in Norway the prize would be about 70 Euros ) and when coming to the western point of Benalmadena Beach this image once again documented the waves.
The last pit-stop before returning to the hotel was at a small Tapas restaurant in Fuengirola. Last time we were here (12 months ago) the establishment was closed, but now reopened with a glass of wine including a tapa for only 1,50 Euros.

A lovely wednesday with almost 15 km walking. My leg and muscles are improving.

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