Saturday, May 10

Knight Henrik at Priory of St Pancras

Henrik as Knight of the Red Cross of Constantine
The degree relates the legend of Emperor Constantine's conversion to Christianity after the Battle of Saxa Ruba in 312 AD when he saw a Cross in the sky with the motto "In Hoc Signo Vinces" In this sign you shall conquer. The core of the degree involves the secret doctrine involving the Labarum or banner of victory. The lecture of the degree relates the Roman College of Architects.
Today our grandson and his family had a great time in historical surroundings in Lewes, Sussex, UK.

The Priory of St Pancras was the first Cluniac house in England and had one of the largest monastic churches in the country. It was set within an extensive walled and gated precinct laid out in a commanding location fronting the tidal shore-line at the head of the Ouse valley to the south of Lewes in the County of Sussex.

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Barbara said...

I think the photo is of Castle Acre Priory in Norfolk, not the priory in Lewes.