Friday, May 2

May 1st, A regular day off

 70.9 percent of respondents in a survey by TNS Gallup made ​​for TV 2 responded that they see May 1st as a regular day off, only 29.1 percent of those with an opinion, designates May 1 as a public holiday .

As part of our exercise this Thursday we stopped and watched the May 1st parade. The following images shows what we found worth to be shared from the procession:
 In front the Labour Union´s Leader Gerd Kristiansen The main parole behind her showed quite clear that no hard political edges were needed in our nice and prosperous country.
 One of the paroles with most supporters was this by Norwegian People´s Aid "People change the world"
 The engagement linked to the closing of the local hospital Aker was also dominant.
 The Fire Brigade made most applause stating that they are burning for their jobs.
 and of course the vintage car from Kristiansand became a popular part of the parade.
The only international parole we could see was the demand for a Palestine State Now.
Parades in the streets of Oslo always have many bras bands, here represented by Sinsen Ungdomskorps.
This parade made me remember my first May1st day as an 12 year old school band musician :

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