Wednesday, June 11

Det norske Veritas 150 years

"Since 1864 the Norwegian Veritas has been part of the Norwegian social development with a central role as a supervisor, advisor and advocate for the internationalization of Norwegian shipping. Later, the company played an important role in the development of Norwegian oil and offshore technology and eventually also in many other industries, nationally and internationally." 
(copied from Aage Andreas Enghaug´s article in DNV.NO") in connection with the launching of the new history book "Building Trust: The History of DNV 1864-2014."
 President and CEO Henrik O. Madsen with the book.

One of the important "information databases" in DNV was the annual Register of Ships (photo from the book)

I was employed in DNV in the beginning of March 1968 and for me the Register Book was the entrance to development of both personal and factual competence. On the photo below you can see me decoding the Register Book into a digital platform which was my first job in DNV.

Next Tuesday we will participate in the celebration of the 150 year anniversary at the Head Quarter at Høvik, and I look forward to meet many old friends and colleague from my 30 year´s employment in DNV.

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