Friday, June 6

Information update an exchanging experiences

For two days now I have joined a workshop at UIO-Rikshospitalet where information update from the hospital´s subject coordinators, and exchanging experiences between Heart Transplanters were main topics at the course: "The roadmap after Heart Transplantation".

This was the last course for old people (60+). Previously persons below 40 and between 41 and 60 have been able to participate in a similar course.  From now on there will only be courses for those that recently have received an organ from donors (last 12 months) regardless of age. Relatives were also invited

In addition to information harvesting and experience exchange the social aspect was taken care of by FHLT (Foreningen for Hjerte-Lunge Transplanterte), and we all had a nice dinner at Egon Byporten.
At the photo we see Liv and Knut (Fredrikstad) to the left and Ida and Hassan (Oslo) to the right among other nice persons.

Happy Pentecost to you al.

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