Friday, April 3

An evening out in Fuengirola

 This Maundy Thursday we had visitors from Norway in Fuengirola. They are presently staying in Puerto Banus, but an evening in Fuengirola for dinner with us became really pleasant.
Morten, Maya, Fred-Jørgen, Hanne and Bente joined Tullen and me for drinks at Plaza de los Chinorros before moving to our favorite La mejor Taperia a Fuengirola: La Cepa

I am proud to say that our friends really appreciated the food made by senior Jesus Gomez at La Cepa

An evening in Fuengirola during Semana Santa also give an opportunity to see the Pasos (Thrones) and processions through the street.

A Paso (Spanish: "Episode of the Passion of Christ") is an elaborate float made for religious processions. They are carried by porters on staves, like a litter or sedan chair, and are usually followed or escorted by a band. Some have long skirts that cover the bearers entirely, giving the impression that the statue is floating on its own power. The porters are called costaleros, cargadores or portadores and their leader is called a capataz ("Foreman" or "Head Man"). The capataz sets the chicotá, the period of time between a paso being lifted and set down again; the costaleros cannot pick up or set down the paso except by his leave. This is signalled by the llamador ("crier"), a knocker on the front of the float. During Semana Santa ("Holy Week", the week preceding Easter Sunday) the custom is to make pasos adorned with large wooden statues of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, saints and biblical personalities from the Passion.

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