Thursday, April 16

Pasport renewal and images around the Police Head Quarter

 Yesterday I went to the Police House at Grønland, Oslo, to renew my passport. With a validity of less than 6 months till next trip abroad I thought it was a good idea to do so in time. The numbers of people at the passport office were huge, and I had to wait half an hour although I had booked an appointment some days before.
 It is not often that I visit this part of Oslo. We tried to be tourists in own town last Sunday, but the one hour queue around the City Hall made us change our minds. Maybe this building was one of the recommended visiting spots. Oslo Prison or Botsfengselet
or maybe the church next to the Police Head Quarter, Grønland Church, from 1868. The building is in brick, Romanesque style and has 800 seats.

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Beautiful place! I like this picture.