Monday, October 26

Food at restaurants

Eating during our long stay here at Costa del Sol can be home, at the restaurant in the hotel or as we prefer, at our favourite places in the city. Tapas are important and in addition to the small snacks together with "un Blanco o Tinto" we have our special "Taperia" La Cepa:

The first dish is "Camembert Frio" which can be taken as a starter of as an afters.
My wife´s favourite.
The next one is "Salmon con salsa de najanja". A homemade extremely nice way to present a salmon filet and should be tried if you visit the "hole in the wall" restaurant.
Afters or desert is probably not a tapa if you are correct down here, but a small caramel pudding with cream is presented as Michelin three star and tastes great.

There are of course many other tapas at La Cepa or other places, but the challenge is to remember to take a photo before you start digging in.
I therefor turn to some dinner (or lunch if that is preferred) dishes that we absolutely can recommend.

The Entrecote with pepper sauce at the Italian restaurant La Pergola is large, tender and delicious. You do not need to have pasta or pizza at Italian restaurants, and this steak is a very good alternative.
 The sirloin at La Farola is also a must during our stay if you want a break from their speciality; the Leg of Lamb
Another recommended main dish is the Salmon with Hollandaise sauce. Some places we feel that the salmon filet can be a little dry down here, but at La Farola you are always guaranteed a fish that slices up perfect when eating it.
An other favourite restaurant here in Fuengirola is Bodega Charolais. Yesterday we tried their Cod with red pepper fruit and small potatoes, and will absolutely return for another before we end this long stay in 4 weeks.
This photo is of a full portion dish, but can also be served as a media portion if you think it looks too large.
Enjoy your meal and Buen provecho

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