Saturday, October 10

Highlights from the first two weeks in Andalusia autumn 2015

This long stay period at Costa del Sol started in the most saddest way. Our Brother-in Law and my sister´s husband for 45 years passed away during his night sleep in their house at Calahonda on September 29th.
RIP Arne. We know you loved being here at Costa del Sol, your apartment, your daily walks at the beaches, your swimming exercises in the pool and our lunches at restaurants here in Fuengirola. You  will be missed.

This background makes the first weeks something different for all of us. However, in addition to support my sister we have to live our lives and enjoying the fantastic weather we have had late September and beginning of October this year. The Castillo Solhail at the Rio Fuengirola is there as a landmark, and the long beautiful beaches all the way to Carvajal and further on to Benalmadena make the perfect scenery.

My wife has as usual walked along the Paseo Maritime from west to east almost every mornings and this image of the turning point at Carvajal can be a documentation of her physical efforts
The Paseo has been upgraded last year and soon it will be an even better way to walk, stroll og run for being fit to relax here in Malaga.
Malaga City has of course also been visited  as usual (almost every week during the stay) and lunch at El Pimpi is included in the procedures.
Another highlight in this period was that friends from my hometown Ålesund came to visit us. Sight-seeing in the city and lunch together with some shopping for the women are preparing them to come back another time.

Hotel Myramar has been and is our second home. The management and the crew are so nice that we do not search for alternatives down here. The hotel as seen from the Norwegian corner in daylight and in the night makes an end of this post
Oh, I am sorry. I almost forgot to mention Amina, the hotel cat, that once again at our arrival followed us to the apartment and stayed. Getting food of course, but it is very interesting to see that she recognise us even it it 3 month since last stay here at Myramar Fuengirola Castle Beach

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Els said...

I am so sorry for you and Tullen for loosing your brother in law.