Tuesday, November 3

November 1st -Winter in Spain

Today the formal start of the winter season has come. In the hotel pool all the sun beds are removed and tomorrow the pool will be emptied and some reconstruction according to new EU regulation will take place. That is no problem for most of us long stayers.

However, the start of the "Invierno" could not be more spectacular. The wind from Africa are mild but strong. I therefore present some photos taken along the beach Sunday afternoon. Dramatic but also beautiful.
 Normally when the wind is coming through the beaches from that direction there are surfers in the waves. But not today.
You may think of Tsunamis when the seawater break through the fences, crossed the road and almost arrived to the restaurant we were sitting
 The Chirringuitos  got some damages and people had to run away when the water reached the walls.
 Some of the owners were working hard to put together debris and remove their parasols
 High above Fuengirola River the Castillo Solhail has control, but the flag was strengthen to its limit.
Almost 1 km higher up the river the flooding was about 1 meter above normal level, and if you wanted to take a rest at one of the benches, I can guarantee that you would be wet on your shoes.

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Hm - kunne nesten vært her!