Monday, November 16

Two weeks of Culinary Competition

During the last two weeks there has been a culinary competition between over 100 restaurants and tapas bars to present their candidate for the best tapa in Fuengirola this year. In November 2015 the 7th tapas tour has taken place and we have participated by walking around, making tests and enjoyed the food and drinks connected together with lots of others.
 The first to be mentioned is from Taverna Chinorros : "Forbidden Fruits"
 At Picoteo we tasted "I am Picante"
 At Bar Lizzaran they gave us Gua Boo pa mi chistorra (translation impossible)
 Our Favourite at Bodega Charolais Tapas is called "Sexy in New York"
 At La Casana de Paqui it was a Gazpacho called "Every night Spike"
 From Meson Salamanca (many years winner) "Burning Legs"
 At Bodega La Solera (also a favourite) "With honey on the lips"
 At La Dispensa de la Abuela "Picante Grandma"
At Med 15 the tapa was called "Greek passion"

Hopefully one of these tapas will have enough votes to win and that one of the voters will get a one week cruice for two people or one of the other very nice prizes.

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