Sunday, February 28

Costa del Sol for the 6th spring

Every spring since 2010 we are down here in Malaga to experience Spanish spring and leave the long winter in Norway behind us.
The first day this year is covered with some traditional photos
First the morning photo and the upcoming sun taken by Tullen on her walking tour to the Peseta sculpture.
 Then a visit to Charolais where a glass of wine together with their "traditional cuisine dish" could be tasted. "La Cazuela de la abuela" is a possibility to go between 76 different locations in Fuengirola and Los Boliches and have a dish and a glass of wine for 2 Euros.
 The new La Galeria Gastromercado was very noisy and crowded this Saturday, but we will return here and look closer on the different establishment later. It is a street with glass roof and may be a place to go on a rainy day.
 Homeward bound dressed in suitable cloths along the beaches. Very few people around this part of the year. But the temperature will be better next week.
Today´s last photo is showing the mountain behind Mijas Pueblo and with the sun ready for setting in western sky.

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