Tuesday, March 1

Leap year day 2016

 Celebration of the additional day of 2016 (the leap day 29th of March) was limited to sharing a Cava in our patio outside our apartment here in Fuengirola. But with fresh strawberries and a warm sun setting behind a building a few minutes before 5 pm it gave us a quiet closing of the day.
 Previous (at lunch) the hotel manager, Director Carlos, had invited all long stayers to join him in a free lunch. A tradition that we all appreciate. This year choice of day was connected to the fact that in the coming days almost ten couples that have been here since December or January will return to their originating homes. Hopefully most of them will return next season, but for them who do not, we will remember them and thank them for the time together.
One creature that never leaves Myramar is the cat Amina. Not only is she welcoming us on the arrival day ( we can almost believe she knows our steps ), but she also come into our patio every day when hungry or just to relax at a place she feels comfortable and safe.

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