Sunday, October 30

From La Cala de Mijas to Calahonda

This Sunday the weather is just another spring / early summer time here in Fuengirola. The temperature is around + 30 (official +22 in shadow) and Bikinis are the most preferred clothing.
A week ago the weather was a little more grey and cloudy; perfect for a walking tour along the beaches at Mijas Costa
Far away you may see El Faro, and behind that Fuengirola. La Cala is proximal in the center of the image.
During the stroll we registered more and more clouds, but the horizon towards Africa became clear all day long.
The costal walking path from La Cala to Calahonda is quite new, and can highly be recommended
However, when reaching Calahonda the wooden path has its end and you have to walk in the sand for a while. Hopefully the community can find budgets for creating a prolongation of the path till it meets the wooden path around La Luna in Calahonda

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