Friday, October 21

Two days in Madrid

Early Tuesday morning this week we found our seats in the AVE Renfe (High Speed Train) and went for a two and a half hours journey from Malaga to Madrid. On the tour the sunrise could be seen in the east, but the weather forecast for the Spanish Capital was not as beautiful as the upping sun in the south could indicate.

Well installed at our hotel we used the first afternoon to be tourists and visited the Castle and the Cathedral along with many others. The beauty of these buildings is a reason by itself to make this journey.
 A pitstop at Plaza Major is of course always expected, but there are so many other places to go and have a coffee or a drink so you miss nothing by dropping this tourist magnet.

A place that had to be visited was the Apple Store at Puerto del Sol, and as for a year ago the Apple Specialist "Leo" was there to help be getting my new iPhone 7 Negro Brilliante.
Leo is holding his own iPhone SE with the photo of us taken exactly 12 months ago.

The shopping street Gran Via was my wife´s area during my own visit at Apple Store, and as long as our hotel was close to this street I think a night photo (taken by iPhone 7) of Gran Via is on it´s place.

The buildings at Gran Via is spectacular. This building with the black and golden dome is the most photographed object in Madrid

 This penthouse and the long row along the street is fantastic. The traffic is horrible, but in Spain they almost always stop for us at the pedestrian marks.

This facade is fake. However at many back walls street painters have made interesting images of how it could look like if the buildings were constructed differently

 At the end in this blogpost I will cover some of the interesting places we visited around Plaza Santa Ana. First the popular restaurant Lateral.

then the Tapas Bar where we found it more delighted to visit with their great tapas and nice servants

and at last the great facades of restaurant Villa-Rosa builds up with painted tiles.

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