Saturday, December 10

December and back in Norway

After 10 weeks at Costa del Sol we are back in Oslo for Christmas.

The images of my wife are however still an important part of my photo albums as they were during our stay in Andalusia, and we continue to visit favourite restaurants (here Cafe Sorgenfri) for lunch, dinner or just a drink.

The street decorations for Christmas in Oslo cannot be compared to the "light-festivals" in Malaga, but the real Christmas trees (Pine tree and Fir tree) can be seen all over.

In our home a new painting has found its place and perform an eye breaker in the entrance hall
The painter Terje Fagermoe has really succeeded with his "Solgløtt" (Sun Ajar to the right)

Pre Christmas time in Norway is an eating festival. People from companies and other work places as friends and families gather around Christmas fool tables as they do in Malaga and Fuengirola. Being together for good food and drinks is a cultural experience not to be covered in this blog.

However Christmas food is also consumed at home and during the first week we have had Lutefisk and Rakørret.

Dont be surprised if some more dishes will be presented in the weeks to come.

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