Thursday, December 29

Grand Cafe Oslo, a place to visit

In the time between Christmas and New Year it is always a lot of restaurants in Oslo that are closed.
At Tekehtopa they are renovating the rooms. At Aker Brygge many of our regular places are closed for totally down-washing. And when the ordinary crew members at pubs and cafes are on holiday, we were searching for alternatives.

And we found Grand Cafe at Karl Johan.

The restaurant has been closed and renovated almost all 2016, it has never been "our" place, but now I think we will return more frequently

The paintings by Per Krogh must have been renovated and gives an interesting view of the cafe from 1928 to 2016
We will come back. The crew were very nice, prices acceptable and we could sit in a modern environment and relax with a glass of vine (or two) and enjoy the artwork form the Bohemian time

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