Tuesday, January 31

Pick fish (plukkfisk) in pancake envelopes

Today I will take you back to memories from my earliest childhood, to my city of birth Ålesund and the way my mother made dinner out of leftovers from the cod dinners we often had.
She made "plukkfisk i pannekake konvolutter"

We had fish almost every second day or at least three times per week at that time; Cod, Pollock, Haddock, Salmon, Large Herring and Sprats. Cooked or fried or sometimes as fishcakes, gratins and the dish that I had for dinner today: Pick fish in pancake envelopes.

Through some images I will describe what I remember from my mothers kitchen and the way she (an with me sometimes as an assistent) performed the dinner.

 We start with the leftovers from our cod neck dinner yesterday. The necks are large and there is always lot of great fish to be picked from the "wings". Some leftover potatos are also cut in pieces and mixed with chopped golden onion and chives.
 Ordinary thin pancakes are made in front of the process to be chilled before continuing.
 Golden thick sauce is made in a saucepan before you put the fish mixture in and warm all up
 It may perhaps not look great but the taste is almost like my mother served. I did not use any additional spices, but I have seen that someboy like muscat and pepper in it.
 When it it time for eating dinner, lunch, or an evening snack put the pick fish in the middle of the pancake and fold it togethe as an envelope.
 Turn it upside down and let it rest waiting for the heat of the frying pan.
 Then fry the envelopes some minutes to get warm and make the envelop a little crispy.
Now it is ready to be tasted and make the memories of my childhood dinners come through.
When cutting the pancake in the middle add some melted butter and life is great again.

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