Thursday, February 2

Thursday dinner is Potetball

In the western part of Norway Potetball or Raspeball, Komle, Kompe etc. is a traditional dish for dinner and particularly on Thursdays.
In the old days the tool below was important when preparing the potatoes for creating balls, but I must admit that today I used more modern tols.

Ingredians are as follow:

Salted Mutton (boiled in about 1 hour) and taken out of the pan before put back in when the when the potatoballs are boiled.
Kohlrabi or Swedes cut in pices and boiled soft before mashed and added with butter and light milk
The potato-dumplings need to be cooked one hour, and you can use the same water as the mutten was boiled. After 30 minutes the mutten is put back for the remaining 30 minute slow boiling activity.

Then it is time for eating.
Salt mutten, mashes swedes and Potetballs with some bacon in the melted butter. Back in Ă…lesund my mother also served smoked sausages, boiled potatoes and vegetables, but that is no need for more fat and carbohydrates in today´s dinner.

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