Saturday, March 18

Another weekend with tours and food

Life in Fuengirola is as usual filled with moving around and eating good food.
A leg of lamb at La Farola is always a favorite. Ask for Salsa seperado, verdura sin ajo and baked potatoes with manteqilla normale. La Farola always returns with the best dish you can imagine.

The weekdays have also been full of heavy weather. Not too much rain but very windy and with large waves from Africas coat once again

However, a visit to Marbella and our friends Brit and Audun Bell is a requirement during our stay here at Costa del Sol. They have been here for many years and we have met at least one of them since 2010.

This week we met them at the restaurant Capoccino ain Marbella nd as you can see we all are in great shape. Audun has postponed his death by 26,5 years due to organ transplantation and I am 19 years in the same route. Our wives Brit and Tullen are mostly responsible to this long living history.

One of the most visited places, by tourists, in Marbella is the Plaza Najanjas or Orange Square.

Since our last visit they have rebuilt the square and moved all the restaurants around the plaza. The beauty of the plaza floor is then more visable, but we have heard that the people living around are not so happy. Their problem.

At the end of our fourth week in Andalucia this spring I present our Saturday dinner at La Farola (once again). The National dish Paella. You have to be two persons to enjoy this dish, but my sister wanted to join me so I am very pleased. (tullen has shelfish allergy, so that is the challenge).

Go to La Farola a day before and ask for this great experience.

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