Monday, March 13

Sunday stroll along Mijas Costa

The beaches along Mijas Costa are well worth a visit. Not mostly for sun-bathing but mainly for the beautiful path the municipality has built along the coast.
From the Marbella boarder and Sitio de Calahonda to La Cala de Mijas there is about 5 to 6 km of this wooden path. We walked this way yesterday in a warm and lovely afternoon.
At the starting point and the beach restaurant La Luna you can see all the way to Cabopino in Elviria / Marbella. If you like to walk on sand you may well take the tour southwest and we know there are many good restaurants in Cabopino.
Turning north-east there is only about one and a half km to a recommended restaurant called La Capricho. We had lunch with my sister and her friend Nina there. On the way we passed one of gen Franco´s estates. Closed and dilapidated.
 From La Capricho there is no wooden path and you either have to go up to the main road or walk in sand. Yesterday the sea level was so hight that the main road had to be used by us. We then went down to the beach again close to Calahonda Watch-Tower as seen on the photo, and continoued along the sea to restaurant La Lucera Paradice. Very difficult for me.
 From here and to La Cala de Mijas the path is great, and there are several possibilities for pit stops
In the horizon to the east you can see the great lighthouse El Faro and behind it Fuengirola .

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