Sunday, April 22

Malaga and Puerto Banus

As usual we do travel around in Andalucia when staying in Fuengirola either by bus, rented cars or the efficient train system. The main city Malaga is visited almost every 12th day.
 The main shoping street "Calle Larios" is always visited, and when my wife do the shopping I rest at one of the many nice places for coffee etc.
 At the bar in El Pimpi accompanied with all celebrities photos the Malaga wine must be tried.
 Another place we always visit is Puerto Banus where we have found our favorite restaurant area south of the city tower. This images is from La Bocana where we celebrated my youngest sister´s birthday together with my other sister Gerd. A tradition you may say.
 My favorite position at one of the Chirringitos along the beach. As you see the spring is arriving.
 We have in many years been feeding the hotel cat, but a new experience this spring was that the blackbirds also became fond of the cat food. When Amina was full and left the patio, the birds came to grab the leftovers.
Our Apartment Hotel is located close to the old Castle in Fuengirola; Sohail Castle built in AD 956.

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