Sunday, April 22

Additional Images from this spring stay in Spain 2018

Since I have had difficulties with my blog during our stay, the last blogpost from Spain this year must only be a selection of images covering our last weeeks down there.

Tullen at Plaza de los Chinorros and the restaurant with the longest sunny afternoons.

 With Knut and Lillian (neighbours at the hotel) at one of the newest restaurants or pitstop on the way from the city and back to the hotel. Not sure the restaurant will survive with present concept.

 This year a very interesting painting exhibition at Museo Carmen Thyssen was on the agenda.

 One of our favorite tapas bars where we almost are the only non spanish guests. Allways on the agenda when in Malaga city

 Another tapas bar close to Plaza Merced in Malaga that can be recommended is Cortijo de Pepe. The best Albondigas in the city.

 In Fuengirola the restaurant La Farola is great. The Sopa de Marisco is the best starter ever.

 If you want a Chicken Kebab as the main cource be aware of the volume and drop the starter.

 At Bodega Charolais we are always welcome and they have a great list of exclusive wines and good tapas in addition to the more gourmet meals.

At the harbour close to the smaller leasure boats we often stay relaxed at the many reataurants 

Then it is time to say goodbye for this time, and Amina always is there the last night. How she knows that we are leaving the next morning, we do not understand. Cats are wise.

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