Monday, May 21

Back home and in front of the Easel

 From the winterly springtime at Costa del Sol to the warm and sunny May at home. The easel has been ready for paintings all winter, but sitting outside at the balcony when it is up to minus 15 is not my preferred activity.
However, when the temperature reach between plus 16 and 20 and the northern light makes is more comfortable, my working hours in front of the canvas increase rapidly.
All paintings so far is based on previous works not totally finished earlier, but now I say enough is enough and sign.

This painting Acrylic on canvas  (50x74 ) has been an experiment of mixing paint completely without structure and figure. However, not beeing satisfyed I felt that when adding some contures it resulted in a great painting. Called "Afternoon drink at Tekethopa bar"

Trying to use hard clear colors with majority of the Spanish red and yellow. Acryllic on Canvas (50x75 ) called "Spanish allé"

This painting is from Benalmadena Spain. Acrylic on Canvas (44x64 ) called "Casa BilBil"

The latest motive (as I have used many times earlier) is from Ålesund Norway. Acrylic on canvas (42x62) called "og med Molja i nord"

E det det samme det samme kor i værda e bor.

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