Tuesday, June 5

Visiting Budapest and what I did not show in previous blogposts, Post three

At the Chain Bridge it is impossible to ignore the lions. The question is however if you are brave enough to check out if the lion has a tongue.

Under the bridge there is a walking tunnel so you can avoid the restricted areas with heavy trafic.

On the other side of the pedestrian passage this sculpture made my attention. High heals in front of the Four Season Hotel
However, the sculpture of the great Hungarian painter Ignac Roskovics (1854 -1915) is my favorite.
The bronce sculpture in the Zrinyi street facing the Basilica, must be the most touched stomach in Hungary
On the Buda side of the river Donau the Semmelweis Museum have large sculptures outside covering the first World War, and showing the horror and suffering of the soldiers. (ps: if possible you should read Rierre Lematre´s novel : Sacrifises)

As we say good night from Donau and Budapest at the end of this blogpost, I hope you have enjoyed the journey together with us from our visit to Hungary. If you found this post first, go further into my blog Life is Great and see the two other posts from the Hungarian Capital together with over 2K other memories from our life.

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