Friday, August 10

Inspired by T.Heramb and J.Rian

When you are an autodidact painter with only a few professional assisted sessions, studying painters like van Gogh and Munch is a more important element in my education. However, I believe Thore Heramb and Johannes Rian has had most influence on my development.
I therefore present an old and some new paintings that are linked to their style

First an improved work of Heramb´s "Randi spiller" which I called The piano player

Second is a new painting from the harbour in Oslo with Akershus Beach and the Cruiceship kay which I have named "From Pappa-Buene"

Johs. Rians paintings developed rapidly to color abstract art after he had passed 70 years, and he made many fantastic color compositions with almost no visual reference to the world. I have tried to work out some paintings that are in the "same style" but cannot totally free myself from the real world yet.
Therefore I still make titles like "Hyttegrend"

The last one just finished today, I have called "Oksekjake med paprika og French fries"

Only for the purpose of making documentation of all my works in my blog, I add this portrait of a man at his cafe dressed in a Burberry coat.

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