Sunday, September 2

Ending the painting season 2018

 The painting season 2018 is over. Almost 50 paintings have been finished (either new or repainted)  in front of my easel since the middle of May when the temperatur at my balcony became acceptable for outdoor activity. Now I am closing down for 2018 move to southern Europe and make sketches for next season in 2019.
 The first painting presented in this blogpost is from southern Italy, and named "Summer night in Taranto"
 The next painting is a new version of some sketches made several years ago when I was experimenting with different colors. I have used the famious peak Slogen above Øye in Hjørundfjorden as motive. I have made many paintings of Slogen in different styles, and still am facinated of the possibilities this area give. Name: "Hjørundfjord with Slogen)

The remaining paintings in this blogpost have motives from my birthtown Ålesund.

The above is from Fjellstua and inspired of a visit to Høvikodden Gallery where Jacob Wiedemans paintings can be seen at the moment. His 1950s paintings, in perhaps cubistisk style, is as I see it his best works. This painting is named "Siblings"
 Brosundet with the Fish houses on the northern shore is normally the most photographed image in Ålesund. I therefor wanted to make a painting of the other seashore, and made this named "The southern bank of Brosundet.
 The same paradox can be said about the northern image of Ålasund. Many and I included have made paintings of the area belowe the yellow schoolbuilding and with Moljå lighthouse, but this time I wanted to present an image from the entrance of the city from north with the mountains behind. It is named "The city in front of the mountains"
 This painting is covering Sulafjellet and the promontory of the island Hessa with the sea fog coming inn the fjord. Named: " The ocean mist is coming"
 This painting is from the same area, the headland of Slinningen, towards the east. The weather is almost cloudy and grey in Ålesunf so therefor the dark colors of the kay and the old Sea Bu. Named: "The Slinning Sea Bu"
My last painting from Ålesund covers the Bay of Aspø surrounded by the city and with the silouett of the mountain "Sukkertoppen" during sunset. Named: "Sunset behind Sukkertoppen"

Hope you have enjoyed my blogposts covering paintings from May 2018 till this of September 2nd. In the months to come the longstay at Costa del Sol autumn 2018 will be covered

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