Thursday, September 20

Day four Bordeaux - Arcachon

Then it is time for saying "au revoir" to the chateau gnom and return to Norway via Arcachon at the Atlantic coast
Before the departure from Bordeaux airport we had a great day at the Arcachon Bay where the oyster farming is the main activity.
On the Boat "Spirit of Bassin" we had a fine tour around the bay seeing the oyster farms and houses towards Cap Ferret (not Cap Ferrat at Cote de Azur)
The typical local boat at Arcachon Bay looks like a Norwegian "Snekke"
but the most important boat is the oyster pillow pram. The colorful houses along the northern shore of the bay was very interresting.
Then it is again time for testing. This time it is fresh oysters. 12 oysters for a couple and at that time i did nor regret my wife´s allegy of shellfish. However 8 of these was enough for me accompanied by a dry local white wine.
The impressive technique of getting the oyster into the mouth down the trouth and to the stomach
Arcachon city seen from the bay when returning from Cap Ferret
The city was very charming with special house style and fantastic vegetation. I can understand why so many Bordeaulies have their summer houses here and why so many tourists gather around.
Take a closer look at this wall around a typical Arcachon house. This is beautiful Street art.
This was the closest distance we could get with a boat to Dune du Pilat
The dune has a volume of about 60,000,000 m³, measuring around 500 m wide from east to west and 2.7 km in length from north to south. Its height is currently 110 meters above sea level.

From the landside you could walk up the stairs and have a great view over the Biscaya Bay and the Atlantic Ocean

The view from the top of the dyne towards west and the Bank d´Arguin and the Atlantic Ocean

My wife´s photo of the descent of the sand dyne is a great example of the quality on iPhone. You will find this photo on Instagram too.

 Then it is only left to thank "DNV Pensjonistforening" for the making this tour to Bordeaux possible, and many many thanks to our local guide Laila Thortveit for her excellent presentation of the history, life, development and present activities in Nouvelle-Aquitaine


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