Friday, May 6

Versailles Petit Trianon - Domain of Marie-Antoinette

The Petit Trianon was designed by Ange-Jacques Gabriel by the order of Louis XV for his long-term mistress, Madame de Pompadour, and was constructed between 1762 and 1768. But Madame de Pompadour died four years before its completion, and it was subsequently occupied by her successor, Madame du Barry
Upon his accession to the throne in 1774, the 20-year-old Louis XVI gave the château and its surrounding park to his 19-year-old Queen Marie Antoinette for her exclusive use and enjoyment, which was undoubtedly one of the best things he could have given her.
The Grand Trianon (seen on the left-side on the map) is located in the northwestern part of the Domain of Versailles and built at the request of Louis XIV, as a retreat for the King and his long-term female lover and companion of the time, the marquise de Montespan, but also as a place where the King and invited guests could take light meals (collations) away from the strict étiquette of the Court.
I am only 6 feet high, but the door openings at the ground floor had a size so small that I had to be careful when entering the service area of the manor house.
The kitchen was what I would call "cute", but quite similar to what we had at our cottages before the oil age in Norway.
Downstairs and Upstairs make a difference. So also in Petit Trianon. This is the dining room with a nice fireplace and mirror like the one we have at home.
In Marie-Antoinettes salon a grand piano and a harp is "ready" to be used for the amusement of royalties.
The queen´s bed was however nothing for me. Neither in length nor depth. My wife was fully in agreement with me about that.

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