Monday, January 30

Day 5. Weekend Recovery

 It is Monday morning. 5 days after removal of the prostate cancer , and after a relaxing weekend at home. Although the services at the hospital are great and the personnel highly qualified, it is better to sleep in my own bed and make priorities according to my own decisions.
Helene and Tullen had their first common skiing exercises in Frognerparken yesterday, and to be a first Norwegian cross country runner from Swansea, Wales, Helene learned and managed the technique wery fast and LIKED the typical Norwegian winter activity.
 Another weekend activity is Waffle Baking. Here too Helene showed a professional attitude and with hot chocolate we had a nice after ski time. Waffle with Norwegian Brown cheese is our favorite.
Before and during hospitalization and recovery I have received a lot of greetings. This bucket of Tulips  from Gunnar and Ragnhild, our Munich Christmas Markets friends, have all the spring colors making the dream of a higher temperature outside my windows come closer.

To all of you following my fight against the cancer process, and sending thoughts and comments on Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Email, direct contact or by telephone, my warmest thanks for your concern.