Saturday, January 28

Day 3. Home and self-caring

 Well home ready to communicate with the world through my MacBok Air and iPhone. Thanks to all greetings and good lucks from family, friends and acquaintances.
The recovery is evolving and self-caring about pains, wounds, managing the renal and urinary system are working according to information from the hospital.
If you are interested in how my surgery was performed, and the professional control of the laparoscopic procedures were done by my doctors, go to and watch the videos. Maybe you should not.
This model shows the gates in the body from where the tools are operated, and the next image shows the tools inside the body performing activities during the prostate removal process.


Anne said...

Godt å se deg i hjemmets lune hi igjen, uforskammet frisk ser du ut som også. Tøffingen!!!

Anne said...

PSA kun på 10??? biopsi`er først?

RuneE said...

Bra det går fremover - alle gode ønsker :-)