Friday, January 27

World's first prostate cancer robotic laparoscopic surgery

14 years ago I became the first pasient in Norway to go through a simultaneous heart and kidney transplantation. Later three more persons have gone through the same operation due to gifts from donors.
Wednesday the doctors at Radiumhospitalet (OUH) performed a radical prostatectomy on me as the first ever in the world with my diagnosis and condition. Congratulation.
The surgery was done by Dr Brennhovd (righ) and Dr Axcrona (back) using the socalled da Vinci method. On the photo you also find Dr Molven (performing biopsy and finding the tumor last fall) and Cancer nurse Rozita taking good care of me after operation.

I feel fine, the doctors are satisfied and proud of their job and I will go home from hospital today.
Thanks to you all.


RuneE said...

You survive most things - congratulations and keep up the spirit!

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