Wednesday, March 14

Around +30 C

It may be a bad post for many of my friends and family in Norway, but we have SUMMER here in Andalusia for the time being.
Yesterday they measured +32 C in Sevilla, and today we are expecting +28 C here in Fuengirola.
The beauty or the beaches are great at this part of the year. Not too many tourists have started their holidays and we can walk and experience the blue sky and water almost for ourselves. (at least early in the morning when we perform our daily exercise)
There are some beauties at the beach too, but they appear a little later on the day when the shadows from the palm trees are helping to lower the temperature.
I was almost about to change my name to HARE the other day. Tullen has decided to get a new record time of her morning walk, and are sending me in front to be caught up. Presently she uses 69 minutes from the hotel, turning at the Pesetas sculpture and home. It is about 7,5 and 8 km. I am not in the same condition as she for the time being, so I make my turn earlier after 32,5 minutes (she 34 min) to get her see my back where she approaches the hotel entrance at the end of her walk.
I will return with a new post when the record is there.


Sophie said...

Hyggelig lesning :) her er våren også i anmarsj ;)

strand urlaub meer said...


that looks so great..

In germany it is too cold at the moment :(

Anne said...

Trivelig å se at dere har gode dager og koser dere stort selv om jeg ser at Fruen klager litt over at du taster litt vel mye, ta deg sammen da mann og vær litt Gentleman :-)

Å ja, jeg kan nå skryte på meg flere grader enn det der den siste uka, så skal bli godt å nyte ei helg i trøndervind og med regn i ansiktet.

Anneklem til dere begge to.