Wednesday, March 7

Touring the coast

Yesterday Tullen wanted a special birthday present. Using the whole day along the fantastic Costa del Sol - Walking !!!
And so we did. A 4 hours walk and with breaks, train / bus a totally 8 hours tour from leaving the hotel at nine am till slipping the shoes off at five pm
The photo above shows the beautiful weather during her birthday walk.
The day before we experienced another way of walking. From the hotel and up the hills during small paths A complete different nature, but nice except the insect that hit me under the right ear. Very painful but without any long consequence. (maybe because my daily use of Prednisolon)

Today I take a break from walking because my toes hurt due to blisters. But no problem, the sun invites us to stay at the swimming pool

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9na said...

Å så deilig da!