Friday, March 23

Today´s lunch is planned for (Mr.Wok with Gerd and Arne)

 Close to our hotel we have found another Asian buffet restaurant which we highly recommend; Mr Wok.
Today we intend to go there for lunch together with my sister and brother-in-law Gerd and Arne.

We have been at another Mr.Wok (at La Canada), but that is not the same concept as this one. This is owned by the same company that operates Mr.Wok in Puerto Banus. High quality and excellent food makes me feel hungry now just after breakfast. I can promise that the hunger will long be gone around 3 - 4 pm.

I hope my readers will notice that I have updated the photos of my grandchildren on the right side of my blog. They are growing fast, and we look forward to see them in and after Easter.

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Maria Kulseng said...

I cant believe Ive never actually been to Mr. Wok yet.Considering ive lived here for so long :)I looks very nice.